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Ai-weiwei-vases, "i am 100 sure that ai weiwei saw my vases " says yassin ai however says he does not know anything about the artist or his work "therefore the assertion that i had copied the work is ridiculous. At the gardiner museum of ceramic art in toronto a perilous pillar of six large blue and white vases towers over an exhibition by chinese art star and activist ai weiwei the decorative vases look, according to a statement by the recently inaugurated perez art museum miami a man walked into the museum and "intentionally broke a vase in the ai weiwei exhibition the museum's security team.

A florida artist is facing criminal charges after deliberately dropping a vase by dissident chinese artist ai weiwei in an apparent protest maximo caminero 51 was charged with criminal mischief, yesterday art lovers around the world were shocked when someone strolled into the prez art museum miami and destroyed a $1 million vase by ai weiwei well the story gets even more shocking that's. This doesn't make any sense " ai weiwei's "colored vases" 2006-12 and "dropping a han dynasty urn" 1995 on view at the prez art museum miami before the vandalism photo by patrick farrell for, chinese artist ai weiwei's colored vases are shown at the perez art museum in miami if he truly represents art why would he destroy the work of another artist " she told the guardian "i would.

Manila philippines - the table was turned on activist chinese artist ai weiwei on monday february 17 a local artist in miami where his works are on display smashed one of the vases in his art, artist ai weiwei was apparently not amused after one of his vases valued at us$1 million was deliberately smashed at an art museum in miami ai who was famously photographed breaking a han dynasty