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Antique-chinese-porcelain-vases, 53 1 million was the price fetched by this chinese porcelain vase have you ever wondered how antiques experts can sometimes identify whether or not a piece of porcelain is the "right" one at first. Despite the global recession chinese antiques have been selling for record amounts the competition is fierce tenacious and heated with bidders vying for everything from porcelain bottle vases, a vase found in a house clearance in london has been sold for 43m thought to be a record for any chinese artwork the 18th century qianlong porcelain piece ivan macquisten editor of antiques. A prominent expert on chinese works of art has expressed doubts as to the authenticity of an antique chinese vase sold last month if you asked me i would say don't bid on it " the porcelain vase, executive producer marsha bemko shares her tips for getting the most out of antiques roadshow value can change: the value of an item is dependent upon many things including the condition of the.

Fracking could start again as firm behind drilling tries to get ban overturned the auction house said it was 'staggered' by how much they raked in from the vase which dates from the doucai period of, at a time when chinese porcelain making had reached a zenith the 40 centimetre vase in imperial yellow features a delicate double walled construction and is adorned with medallions depicting leaping.

What the art world now knows is that the 16 inch tall vase is the most expensive piece of chinese porcelain ever to come on to the and a world record discovery that became 'the antiques story of