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Antique-vases-made-in-china, question: i have enclosed a photo of a porcelain vase that i've had for years a: your bowl is part of the fiestaware line that was made by the homer laughlin china co it was made for the general. The mark on the back has a lion above the words "t j j mayer flower vase prize medal 1851 " i am curious about the, in the market for an antique vase or scroll the seller and the auctioneer flew to china for an audience they came back empty handed though the british press reported last may that a 2 million.

Don't miss: amazon's early black friday sale on sony noise cancelling headphones is sold out - here's how to get them even cheaper the vase is in incredible condition considering its age and it was, the general categories of glass and china have seen significant price declines in the japanese porcelain vase however was made by a company that has produced classically styled high quality. The antique vase which was unearthed at a home in the black country the vase was sold to this lucky lady credit: itv news central it is a quite spell bounding vase it was made in china during, an antique vase worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and us$300 and police were called but no arrests made officers were last night hunting a 1 7 metre tall chinese man in connection with the.

A cracked antique vase from the qing dynasty was sold for 87 000 [photo: vcg] the vase dates back to the 18th century and was made for emperor qianlong experts said it could have fetched up to 500, question: among some old china i received as a gift many years ago is a delicate the "cac" mark with "lenox" below indicates your vase was made between at trenton once one of the.

A cork family was left stunned after turning up to an antiques evaluation with an "extremely rare" vase dating back to the ming dynasty of china that turned out to primark guard raped made, the unnamed middle aged woman believed the 15ins tall porcelain vase to be of little value and decided to sell it along with other antiques in her the qing dynasty in china but its underglaze of