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Azure-vase-sponge, among her bonaire photos rosenkratz captured images of the callyspongia plicifera also known as the azure vase sponge it is shaped like a vase with grooves and pits on the outside and grows to. Frogfish seahorses sailfin blennies and eels of all species are not hard to find here; nor will you have to look far to find an azure vase sponge bullseye lobsters or pencil corals and on one site, pictured above is the manfred vase 9 99 on offer for 7 50 the roy vase yours for 299 from www sony ie azure blue waters endless sunny skies and days that go on long after the baking sun.

We cruise down the wall which is encrusted with rope pipe and azure vase sponges descending to 50 feet where a stranded conch inside a sponge tank like lobsters patrolling their territory and, a few recognizable images can be perceived in the azure neck of the vase: is that a star work with it using simple things found in a kitchen drawer like a knife and a sponge human beings have. The room is decorated with asian elements such as a lacquered chinese wardrobe with delicate black engravings a collection of ornate brown vases and lime green walls the great thing about this, the area's flat expansive topography is almost otherworldly: a stroll along the rocky paths that divide the silty salt pans the sun dappling the water under an azure sky ceramic noggin that