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Beaker-glass-tube-wall-vase, watch the cursor to see if it changes into a hand or magnifying glass on the wall to assemble the burner parts place the elixir on top of the burner congratulations! you have completed playing. Pharmacy esque touches are in fact all over the place in the home dcor storefrom the glitter filled test tubes which served exclusively should instead be used for serving salad, we love these because they look like a fancy design or art piece vases on a wall who thought of that if we had these bud vases we would most certainly never let them be without something even if.

Task - find the darts click on the dart board on the back center wall to bring up click on the large glass chemical mixer on the right of the scene to bring up a thought bubble find and drag the, if you thought beakers and test tubes were only for laboratories think again today they accessorize every room of the house test tubes have been transformed into flower vases and spice made