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Cemetery-flowers-for-vases, both of conley cook's husbands are buried in the cemetery and now both headstones are without vases "i just looked and said 'oh no ' it was a shock " said cook conley the thieves ripped the vases. "somebody come in and they confiscated at least 75 vases off of the bronze markers in the cemetery " said kent vases that held flowers on headstones of former loved ones including a past reverend, and you can do it all yourself at field to vase a u pick flower farm in new carlisle "the wall that heals" visiting st joseph funeral home cemetery a three quarter scale replica of the vietnam.

Long beach ms wlox copper vases at one cemetery in long beach have gone missing candy dubuisson said she was visiting her niece's grave when she noticed the flowers weren't in the vase and, robin purcell had a mystery on his hands every day for nearly a month he would arrive at memorial park cemetery to a scene of vandalism flowers pulled out and laid next to the vases that once. They discovered there was no place for the flowers to go the vases on their loved one's graves were missing "there's nothing easy about visiting a cemetery anyway to pay respects and to remember a, alex cabrero reporting ogden police have arrested a man they say was stealing flower vases from graves in a cemetery evergreen memorial park is one of those beautiful peaceful places where you can.

Lenoir nc wbtv with the easter holiday coming up in a couple of days families are making their way to the blue ridge memorial park cemetery to visit loved ones unfortunately they're finding, around 7 a m police were called to the 800 block of laurel hill road where the manager of the cemetery said that 20 23 bronze flower vases were taken overnight the manager said that the value of.

Lehigh acres fla a punta gorda man is wanted for failing to show up for parole after he stole from a cemetery detectives said 40 year old edward john hornung robbed graves in a lehigh acres, columbia pa whtm - police in columbia lancaster county are investigating the theft of bronze flower vases stolen from a cemetery on memorial day the manager of laurel hill memorial gardens told. "sometimes it's very difficult to determine if someone is placing flowers on a grave site or if they're randolph was able to work with resthaven and get her father's vase replaced the cemetery