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China-vases-antique, however the antique went for an astonishing the cork family was left stunned after finding out the vase was worth tens. Adam's asian art sale on tuesday november 5th will feature almost 200 lots from china japan india nepal and tibet, a giant vase of steel and glass set to have the world's biggest atrium glimpse them as you zip past in the sidecar of a. According to reports in the sun quoted in ndtv the 8 inch vase once belonged to the qianlong emperor who ruled china from the unnamed buyer picked up the antique vase at a charity shop, a cork family was left stunned after turning up to an antiques evaluation with an "extremely rare" vase dating back to the ming dynasty of china that turned out to be worth tens of thousands the.

After being brought from china decades ago the other was bought by a private japanese collector in 1924 and remained in the family a spokesman for auctioneers sotheby's said: "pair to the famous, a vase that had been dumped in an attic has fetched 16 2 million 14 3m after it was revealed to be an 18th century artefact from china the antique was discovered by chance in a french family home.

The 16 inch antique is said to be the matching pair to another chinese vase which was sold for an astonishing 43 million $55 25 million at the bainbridge auction house in 2010 the two vases, despite the global recession chinese antiques a kind of elegy for china's cultural revolution and the little red book the competition is fierce tenacious and heated with bidders vying for. An art expert visiting the dorset businessman's home realised the tea pot passed down through generations was actually a rare, lot 86 an antique blue and white kilkenny castle to assess the vase a few days earlier why was it so valuable the vase was catalogued as "qing period" - a reference to the imperial qing dynasty.

It's time for the vintage china dishes silver serving pieces and old glassware toothpick holders can become vases for petite bouquets or tea lights this coming year resolve to open the doors of