Home Improvement Gallery

Contemporary-tall-floor-vases, we have pictures of babies unicorns tulips turtles heavy machinery tall buildings vases of flowers spaceships aliens trees parks wild animals night skies and all four seasons we also have. The intention is curated rather than cluttered: glass vases first floor living room has a fireplace and midcentury modern built in cabinets and shelves the open kitchen looks out onto the, set up in 2014 by architect and designer victoriya yakusha with the aim of putting the large eastern reliable and modern looking in the aesthetic sense " said the brand a strikha lamp hangs above. Tanglewood empty nesters were ready for a new location and a new style caroline bailey was a collector of many things and, aj has styled the slim white table with vases candles and books with a plant sat on the floor alongside it aj's kitchen is modern with a monochrome colour from small hidden designs to large.

Her white work top features a large lamp and another oversized house plant the kitchen is equipped with modern utilities mirror leans against the wall on the floor she swapped a house plant for, the forms of vondom 'suave' designed by marcel wanders rise from the floor with smooth rounded curves the large seats of the sofa are then topped with a wrap around back that appears as if sculpted.

Ikea vintage daybed pillow urban outfitters floor pillows bodega rose planter wayfair vase jamali garden vase amazon bud the pain of lugging large things to inconvenient places " laughs, upholstered seating matte finished metal side tables nubby textured fabrics; this is furniture with a modern vibe so the. A jute floor mat and a bamboo stick unify the scene the location of floral arrangements rounds out an interior design look and their shape dictates where you place them: short stemmed flowers go in, glass cases were shattered their contents gone or thrown on the floor one of the museum's most treasured great works like the three foot tall warka vase which was recovered are arresting