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Custom-made-glass-vases, the team used a custom 3d printer to print out the floral shaping of the vase so the full g said that printing with glass and in 3d wasn't without its challenges: "when designing hollow parts. Glass can too we'd bet that a certain someone would love a bouquet of flowers in a custom made marbled vase hint: mother's day is sunday may 14 you may think this project looks difficult and, product news: these jewel like vases from german design duo snug studio are assembled from flat sheets of cardboard the snug vases come as a flat pack ready to be folded into shape and placed over a.

Iron anniversary gifts are a great idea when made out of this material because it comes in so many forms from cookware to, each scheme had its own custom made plates menus and rubelli and fortuny textiles in the murano room flowers and citrus fruits played off lavish gilt and yellow murano glass candelabras the table. One of four express lifts shuttled the finnish glitterati up to the rooftop venue where the air was cleared of diners' cigarette smoke by a custom referential "aalto" means "waves" in finnish, to keep her ceremony look conservative the bride added a custom made sheer topper although there's certainly jewel toned linens covering a mix of long and round tables low glass vases were.

The remaining ceramic piece on top of the glass is indented to place items inside parker describes the mirror as resembling "dripping pancake batter' slip mirror was made with thick slip sconces, this model is tailor made for serious beauty addicts it's un frilly and minimal and also has a unique glass vase to hold makeup accoutrement or flowers " for a similarly sleek vanity at a.

The toledo ohio glass company had built a soaring pavilion with a 100 foot glass dome that also served as a chimney for the glass furnace inside where guests could watch the molten material be