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Eiffel-tower-vase-centerpiece, eiffel tower vases help you create tall theatrical arrangements as centerpieces for a main table or individual event tables the flowers or feathers in the vases loom high above the heads of seated. Including its $150 million centerpiece a 150 foot high open latticework sculpture called the vessel that its developer has likened to the eiffel tower designed by thomas heatherwick the vessel, indystar com sarah cummins and logan araujo were supposed to get married this weekend the two young people had been planning a dream wedding for two years a $30 000 extravaganza a week ago. "the tables will be adorned with colorful mardi gras colors centerpieces will be the focal point of the evening with glass eiffel tower vases embellished with lustrous green purple and yellow, she and her mother will arrive early on saturday to set up the centerpieces they designed themselves gold eiffel tower vases with roses the dinner will take place in the hotel's garden pavilion