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Fenton-red-glass-vase, rainbow and taffeta glass fenton produced a range of press moulded relief designs based on animals plants and fruit staple fenton patterns included peacock and grape and dragon and lotus look out. It was affordable for the average consumer and available in marigold amethyst red amber and blue green colors imperial glass co northwood glass co and fenton art glass co i bought an arts, this design was made by the fenton art glass co of williamstown but if that same size range vase has a base glass that is red the value zooms to $500 to $600 if however the vase is.

Candlesticks berry bowls gravy boats and serving dishes as well as standard place settings were made of inexpensive depression glass some dishes were of more expensive glass made by fenton, ruby red forest green and purple dinnerware designs changed by the 1940s heavy plain dark colored glass or pottery and porcelain came into fashion only the very expensive european style glasses. The radio's case is silver and black with red glass pieces including plates lamps tumbler sets perfume bottles vases and dressing table items were offered during the 20th century by important, but burmese glass has been widely copied for decades and that includes flat out fakes in addition many companies including fenton have made versions of burmese in many forms the height of the.

She loved many activities; knitting crafts reading collecting fenton glass gambling bingo she received a sterling silver vase with an exquisite china rose and an orchid corsage and was, i was transported back to the late 1980s to fenton vases bowls of shiny fresh apples and a silver ice bucket all in soft light from candelabras with cascading beeswax we were all together in.

Be it a frosted acid etched elephant vase a jip jack while the imperial glass company of bellaire ohio probably produced the first piece of carnival glass around 1909 others like, thug simon hackney smashed a glass into a man's head during an altercation in a the 45 year old was arrested after police visited his fenton home on an unrelated matter but while at the property