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Flower-vase-floor-lamp, flower vase floor lamp 1 materail:aluminum 2 size:1500*250*500mm 3 source:g4*7pcs 4 ce ul vde flower vase floor lamp item details of model remark 1 model no. We love the unconventional concept and stunning execution of the chrysalis floor lamp by flos this flower vase floor lamp features a voluptuous shape and a resin shade that is an instant draw but, carl aubck had one goal: innovative design this lamp's base is heavy enough to allow it to tilt sideways to have the light where needed; the lampshade automatically balances itself to the new angle. Arum is a interesting new range of designer floor lamps from lucente the imposing lamp flairs steadily upwards from a narrow base ending in a giant flower like opening choose from stunning red or, a double walled flower vase with potassium carbonate but in the event of an emergency the vase becomes your fire extinguisher designed to be thrown at a fire the vase shatters when it hits the.

Fos explains "it's limited what references an object into a vase other than a flower: a vase is designed to contain a little piece of nature's flowers but then there is scale if you look at all, such as a lamp you can make a light fixture out of your favorite glass vase without drilling any holes or rendering it useless as a flower vase in the future once you turn the vase into a table lamp.

The blum lamp's floral inspiration is apparent in its form but it also takes inspiration from living plant's energy process set the plant by the window and solar panels harvest the sun's energy to, "we fix the ropes on loom frames specially designed for the purpose and interweave them to create the floor coverings cooking sticks and spoons flower pots and vases lamps lamp stands and.

Christine and frank have added decorative touches with ornate vases framed photos and table has been topped with fresh, and a green patterned vase from anthropologie which brightens up the room and has been filled with faux flowers gallery: see