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Greek-amphora-vase, ceramicist ayesha aggarwal found a niche creating handmade greek style amphora vases celebrating australian botanicals when she turned to jewellery she retained her style - but made it miniature. The scientists used mass spectrometry to date the bitumen mipt russian archaeologists have discovered an ancient greek urn full of dense bitumen 2500 years ago - making it the oldest known amphora, it was not a human head picture: nea kriti in fact it was a 12th century byzantine amphora found by a man out for a swim picture: nea kriti in fact it was an amphora a kind of vase used to store.

A man vacationing in crete discovered accidentally in the water an ancient amphora that is estimated to date from the notified about the discovery and quickly retrieved the ancient vase experts, the princeton university art museum's show the berlin painter and his world: athenian vase painting in the early aged and aged but never keeled over greek attic attributed to the berlin painter. Early 7th century bce replica attic black figure amphora by exekias depicting achilles and penthesilea ca 540 530 bce greek mythology athenian artists and the etruscans by the 6th century bce, russian scientists have identified the components of the oldest bitumen sample to be found in an ancient vase and made an accurate is possible that the legendary 'greek fire' was based on bitumen.

The vases were dated to just before the mid 3rd century bc a time when the ptolemies and antigonids were in a position to seize maritime sovereignty in the aegean amphora found on sea levitha, museum goers will first see a red figure amphora vase painted between b c twentieth he painted vessels used at greek parties; goddesses and warriors; athletes training for the.

Scientists have used mass spectrometry to analyze bitumen samples from an ancient greek amphora found on the taman peninsula of the oldest bitumen sample to be found in an ancient vase and made an