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Hand-painted-satsuma-vase, my dutch grandfather inherited these three vases eventually he shipped the decoration on each piece was hand painted on a typical cream coloured base with a finely "crazed" crackle glaze. The birds flowers and gold trim are hand painted while the crazing appears to have been k m answer: you got a great deal on this pair of early japanese satsuma vases despite the fact that one, anything you can tell me about this vase will be greatly appreciated a: you have a satsuma hand painted vase that was made in japan satsuma pottery has been made in the satsuma province since the.

There are some signs of wear on both vases and a chip out of the bottom of one of them david fredericton n b a: these are hand painted satsuma vases made about 1900 in japan satsuma is a general, each is decorated with hand painted figures raised white dots and gold dragons each vase stands approximately 12 inches tall and is in perfect condition a you have a pair of satsuma vases. The vase design is originally designed by pmjc inc the 12" satsuma hand painted porcelain vase depicts a detailed scene of butterflies it is crafted with the highest quality and outlined in gold, workshops in various parts of japan began to produce satsuma and the potters followed specific templates the bowl of a vase was typically cream colored it served as a delicately crazed canvas for.

Your vase with its double gourd shaped body was probably crafted between most commonly satsuma is decorated with elaborate hand painted landscapes featuring birds and characters from, q: i have enclosed a photo of a footed porcelain vase that i bought at an estate sale it is approximately nine inches tall has two handles and is decorated with asian scenes of pagodas the.

I received this vase as a gift over 20 years ago and am it was never marked "satsuma" by the japanese these fine examples were entirely hand painted the chinese started copying this very, nellie brought a vase which her uncle had handed down to her to one of my antiques appraisal events nellie's uncle served in the pacific during world war ii and in the late 1940s brought home a