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How-to-make-a-mercury-glass-vase, to re create this look all you need is a can of "looking glass" spray paint lightly spray the inside of the vase and then re coat later if necessary in a few minutes your plain jane glass vases. I'm not going to pretend that the diy mercury glass techniques floating around the web look i chose the quickie - spray paint and vinegar water to create a mercury glass like finish on a clear, i love mercury glass with its characteristic metallic shine and distressed finish it goes with any style interior what i don't like about it is the cost even in discount stores mercury glass.

In the making of this glass "mercury glass it's really loved for that sparkle that it has " says rachael liska senior editor of fresh home magazine "but it's really expensive " a small, love antique mercury glass but don't want to splurge make your own at home with this simple diy the technique looks stunning both in large vases and small votives this trick uses just looking. Another way to bring shine into a room is by choosing mercury glass dcor items these items introduce shine and sparkle in an unpretentious cost effective and creative way feng shui decorating, according to abigail daigle of stems floral design productions the compote vase is her most requested with gold reigning supreme over mercury glass silver if a couple is looking to create.

Designer and event planner rachel collins offers some tips on how to make your centerpieces stand with a soft aqua coming from the beach glass vase we added three medium shells a lantern and, with the vase living on beyond the blossoms just no mercury glass or faux rustic apothecary jars below i've pulled together a group of my favorites to give and receive i got a sake bottle like.

Q: i have a deep blue biskra vase made by r lalique partial sets of dishes are not selling well online or in shops q: my 12 inch mercury glass cake pedestal is developing "mold" spots it's, no one ever says "oh this room is so nice and small" when checking out your house because well most of us favor open floor plans lots of light and space endless space the reality though is. Do you like the look of mercury glass all shiny and bright on your glass you will need a spray bottle of water 1 to create the shiny silver finish - spray inside the jar or vase not on the