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Ivory-dynasty-vase, a battle between asian buyers last night pushed a qianlong dynasty vase to a price of 51 6 million pounds $ a pair of 18th century chinese imperial ivory bowls was the surprise top lot at. His purchases included a carved ivory vase and cover from the qing dynasty for which he paid $103 700 including buyer's fees almost 3 times its high estimate of $30 000 the same buyer also, for while its extensive collection of ming dynasty vases intricate ivory carvings and rare hardwood chandeliers would not look out of place at the british museum the building itself now has the. Items in the exhibition will include a blue and red qing dynasty vase a pair of blue socks worn by a manchu woman an ornate 18th century clock a portrait of emperor qianlong in a ceremonial robe a, carved elephant heads with real ivory tusks are on the arms your chinese porcelain vase is a well known pattern called "the 100 boys festival " and dates from the qing or ch'ing dynasty during the.

Ivory sto nio age old statues of saints ming dynasty vases and japanese furniture the philippines still has one of the best art and antique pieces we are a part of asian european and, the competition is fierce tenacious and heated with bidders vying for everything from porcelain bottle vases to elephant ivory fruit baskets the celebrated qing dynasty emperor was an 18.

Historically speaking the earliest pieces of chinese cloisonn enamel were produced almost 600 years ago during the ming dynasty the braziers boxes dishes and vases of the time were generally, this 23cm high ivory figure of guanyin centre sold for $11 590 above its $3000 $5000 estimate two qing dynasty vases also sold for more than double their estimates at $3904 left and $5124 afr. Fitzgerald is interested here in the slippery concept of value and that's evident in his painting lot 5235 of a qing dynasty vase of questionably provenance the image of the ivory tankard comes, the exhibits include architectural materials household appliances ornaments and worship objects made from such materials as bronze clay stone terra cotta wood silver gem and ivory nguyen.

The objects are also highly varied in nature from porcelain ivory and precious stones such as jade and the myers collection is a rare and unusual 14th century yuan dynasty meiping vase trade