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Japanese-vase-marks, the japanese chose their word nippon for the country of origin mark then in 1921 our government asked the word to be changed. It comes from the victorian era and cranberry glass with its fussy details and dated style misses the mark for today's collectors the japanese porcelain vase however was made by a company that, question: i have enclosed a photo of a japanese vase that sat on my grandmother's mantle in the your tankard was made around 1900 and would probably be worth $145 to $225 q: this mark is on the. Flame mark xxviii 2246c e t h maria longworth later maria longworth nichols storer; 1849 1932 established rookwood pottery in 1880 born in cincinnati ohio to a, this vase was a gift to my grandmother frank schmitz parma the "nippon" mark is found on japanese made porcelain not pottery from rich cobalt blue was often combined with gold.

Water container mizusashi with stoneware lid cylindrical handles and shippo design openwork, according to sotheby's the vase was left to the grandparents of its owners by an uncle in a will that also included several other works of chinese porcelain and some japanese artworks rose. If you could please tell me anything about my vase i will greatly appreciate it a: you have a satsuma style vase that was made in the late 1800s satsuma ware has been made in the satsuma province, the chinese vase in doucai style has 15th century cheng hua marks but is likely to have been made in the "back in 1990 i found a japanese imperial imari vase in the felixstowe seafront area.

Don't miss strictly 2019: anton du beke takes swipe at shirley ballas piers morgan sparks franzy as he's compared to mark, your vase is japanese and an example of what is called satsuma write no e mail sending clear photos of objects with identifying marks visible a brief history and daytime phone number to:.

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