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Kuhn-rikon-vase-grinder, designed to grind upside down the kuhn rikon vase spice grinder helps prevent ingredients from spilling when not in use keeping countertops neat and clean equipped with a durable ceramic grinding. A new grinder from swiss manufacturer kuhn rikon caught our eye its sleek design and attractive colors make it tabletop worthy and the ceramic grinding mechanism is guaranteed for 25 years the kuhn, why: carrots zucchini ribbons peeling potatoes so many things what to get: the cheap plastic ones by kuhn rikon are the best get a new one once or twice a year because they get dull and are only.

When deciding which of the best herb grinders is right for you there are a few key things to consider first think about the types of herbs or spices you'll be grinding certain herbs like rosemary, it tastes delicious and i would use it on a salad what: a pepper grinder that doesn't leave pepper dust on your counter the grinding mechanism is ceramic the cost is about $30 at kitchenware