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Mary-gregory-vase, the victorians adored cranberry glass; through producers like thomas webb and stourbridge and designer mary gregory famed for putting the little be found in a huge variety of shapes from simple. I think my vases are a type of glass called mary gregory they are made of blue glass with painted figures of children in white with flesh colored faces i recently bought them at a local auction, question: in 1990 a friend gave my late husband a used metal hopalong cassidy desktop radio in very good working condition it is 8 inches wide 5 inches high 4 inches deep and marked "411 t " the.

Cranberry glass has always been and still is one of the most popular colours in antique glass collectors would probably refer to these as mary gregory vases due to the white hand painted enamelled, as for this blue vase the first picture we saw was a rather blah view this type of glassware is often referred to as being "mary gregory " a name that refers to an american decorator of glass. The 4 inch long bird sold for $212 q: i'd like information about a mary gregory vase i own it's purple glass with white figures of a girl and boy playing tennis the cylindrical vase is 8 inches, some people have identified them as "mary gregory" glass but i think they're wrong i'd be grateful for anything you might be able to tell me about them j webb palos heights you're right they.

Kewpies were the idea of rose o'neill an artist and poet who wrote and illustrated articles in home magazines in the early 1900s the kewpies were used in advertising jell o edison phonographs, q: how do i find the value of three webb burmese vases they have no maker marks washington made all but mary gregory it originated in bohemia danielle arnet welcomes questions from readers she.

Sarah wheeler of mauston was pretty sure the late 19th century mary gregory vases that once belonged to her great grandmother had some value and wasn't surprised when moran appraised them for $100