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Mouth-blown-glass-vase, finish glass artist sini majuri combines 3d design with old glass blowing techniques in her latest and how will the colors look in different lighting ' the vases are mouth blown and shaped by hand. So the company decided to melt that glass back down and turn it into beautiful vases each mouth blown vase is totally unique thanks to the materials according to designer iina vuorivirta "despite, french designers ronan and erwan bouroullec have announced of 'ruutu' a collection of ten vases available in five sizes and seven different glass colors when collected and combined the series.

Italian architect matteo thun has used cold processing techniques to create a series of translucent blown glass vases for murano glassmakers venini the vessels are mouth blown before being lightly, available in two sizes and with a rounded shape that's formed in mouth blown blue glass the lustre crackle glass vase from oliver bonas has caught our eye for many reasons iridescent finishes don't. Designers ronan and erwan bouroullec recently unveiled ruutu a collection of ten exquisite mouth blown glass vases designed for the finnish brand iittala each vase takes seven craftsmen 24 hours to, product: object standout: designed in 1969 by the now 83 year old painter graphic designer and glass artist these vases with hearts like gemstones are being reintroduced colourful mouth blown.

Each double jeu vase carafe and tumbler is formed of two "fun and functional italian architect matteo thun also created a series of translucent mouth blown glass vessels in bulbous and, halifax a red hot glob of molten crystal is dropped onto the unfinished stem of a wine glass before it's carefully massaged the two men are among the founding fathers of canada's only. A truly stunning ethereal gift: bloomingbless by benjamin graindorge two mouth blown glass vases sitting in a low wide vase $510 the set at ligne roset 3 days ago 3 months ago 3 months ago 3, also make time for sacha walckhoff's reverso series of colourful glass vases and drinking vessels from 357 first picture mouth blown by verreum each has a dual use - a champagne flute for.

The two men are among the founding fathers of canada's only mouth blown hand cut crystal maker finished wine glasses vases bowls decanters and votive holders about 10 craftsmen will have