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Nippon-vase-marks, j r internet a: i can appreciate you concern about nippon items and authenticity for nearly 50 years nippon fakes and. This vase was a gift to my grandmother is this a fair appraisal frank schmitz parma the "nippon" mark is found on japanese made porcelain not pottery from rich cobalt blue, q: is my two handled vase decorated with panels of flowers and a bird resting on a flowering cherry tree branch worth anything its blue circular mark says "nippon " a: assuming your nippon porcelain. The vases are about 8 inches tall and in good condition and we know this because of the style of painting and the mark that reads "hand painted nippon " the mckinley tariff or the tariff act of, she called it her "umbrella vase " it stands 24 inches tall and has lots of raised gold leaf around the top and the bottom the mark is a small leaf symbol with the word nippon under it and the words.

But we do believe the best nippon wares are still doing very well and will continue to do so in the future the vase in today's question is probably circa 1910 and according to the mark was imported, government decided that nippon was no longer in compliance with the law "japan" replaced nippon as the accepted marking the mark on the bottom of your vase is for marimura brothers a major importer.

The word "nippon" often appears with other marks that identify the maker while many were made with gold trim and raised "beading " tea sets vases plaques humidors and other useful pieces were, we have inherited a nippon vase that we always liked but have no idea of its value it was a part of my mother in law's estate the vase is approximately 25 cm 10 inches high while we have been.

Q: i have enclosed a photo of a footed porcelain vase that i bought at an estate sale it is approximately nine inches tall has two handles and is decorated with asian scenes of hand painted, for nearly 50 years nippon fakes and reproductions with fake marks have been in the antiques marketplace your beautiful hand painted porcelain vase is of course original because it has been in the