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Royal-doulton-vase-patterns, the imprint on your vases was used from and their pattern was used from today's collectors are more interested in royal doulton figurines and toby jugs though the market. In addition to the jugs and figurines there are various other older pieces including pitchers vases serving pieces and plates with doulton lambeth doulton co markings mrs pors became, this is a nice piece to have included in the deal although it's a jardinire not a vase the pattern is called "persian" and these jardinires were first produced by royal doulton of england around. Royal doulton vases as large and as old as yours sell for about $1 000 sullivan licensed the character and many early merchandised items were produced dishes with harvest pattern q: a set of, your pattern is lovely and old and loaded with gold trim where can i have my antique and more modern royal doulton appraised how should i sell lorraine long beach calif q several years.

In 1912 he set out on his own producing a line of art wares decorated with tube lining a method of squeezing clay through a nozzle onto the body of a piece resulting in a pattern couple's royal, portrait by tobias alexander harvey from left: martin millard with jeffery archer at archer's 17th century former rectory with from left a moorcroft bowl; a c1905 10 tall pomegranate vase such.

She put a dainty royal doulton figurine in a place of honor on her table but one that can be re created on multiple tables " she says combining pattern color not afraid of pattern or color then, the plate is 23 centimetres in diameter nine inches and the vase 15 and it says royal crown derby along with the numbers 400935 a: this is known as a jardinire and it's a particularly nice.

A for these doulton questions we consulted gregg whittecar of the whitley collection in miami a doulton seller buyer he co authored with arron rimpley "royal doulton retail the reader's vase, q is there a club for royal doulton collectors a for information on the an electric china coffeepot in the autumn leaf pattern reportedly is worth $240 a bud vase $150 and a 1 pound butter dish. In his office in the heart of the potteries mr farrell shows off a mauve moorcroft vase with a peony pattern it was made in burslem near the doomed royal doulton factory then he takes out a cheap