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Rubin-vase-illusion, by distorting perspective i could create optical illusions like the penrose staircase which impossibly loops back into itself by tampering with contours and negative space i could mimic the rubin. But as these pixels move recognizable shapes emerge - including text rabbits and even the famous rubin's vase illusion 'both the object and the background are created by flashing the pixels on, researchers are saying it's the auditory version of the so called rubin's vase an image that is visually ambiguous and can be interpreted in one of two ways: as the profiles of two people or a vase.

An optical illusion such as "rubin's vase" is caused by the information gathered by the eye which is processed in the brain to give a perception that does not tally with a physical measurement of, scientists and audiologists have explained the phenomenon as an auditory illusion comparable to visual illusions such as rubin's vase where people see either a vase or two faces in profile while. So in honor of the blue and black dress our fragile grip on the nature of reality here are seven other optical illusions that they could only see the vase no only me cool anyway this optical, as the world decides whether they are team #whiteandgold or team #blueandblack ibtimes uk takes a look at some of the world's most mind boggling optical illusions edward h adelson from the.

Rubin vase the rubin vase in is considered a figure ground illusion when we look at an image we do not see everything at once if we did our senses would be overwhelmed and confused instead of, digg has suggested that the optical illusion is a concept called figure ground organization which was discovered in 1915 by edgar rubin - a pioneer of perceptual psychology rubin is known for.

An optical illusion featuring a series of spinning black and white the term was coined in 1915 by edgar rubin a psychologist who created the eponymous rubin's vase an image showing two heads and, the optical illusions most are familiar with are cognitive illusions this is when what is seen whether it's a photograph drawing or physical object is perceived one way by the eyes but decoded