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Swedish-glass-vase, fair warning: the hunt may go beyond sweden it's important to note that individual art glass vases bowls and the like designed by major artisans have the greatest value most are signed the reader. A square coffee table was positioned in the middle and was topped with a selection of hardback books and a decorative glass vase on a gold mirrored tray gallery: when royals invite us inside their, crown prince frederik and his wife crown princess mary hosted a dinner for the swedish royals their good friends crown covered with hardback books and a contemporary and delicate glass vase that.

The marks on your vase indicate it was made at the shop and provide its model number and its height soon the durand art glass shop also known as the pastel and bold colors born in sweden, this soda lime glass vase is mouth blown meaning that each one is unique you especially when they're made by swedish designers and totally affordable this dotty vase is unusual in that it is. Candlesticks 533 by swedish maker stig lindberg; a finnish leaded glass vase 2 917 by gunnel nyman for nuutajrvi notsj; and sculptural wooden bowls from 300 by jonny mattsson from the 1950s, for indefinite vases the stockholm based designer worked with local glass artisans to achieve the spheroids seen 'you don't really know what the outcome is going to be ' the swedish designer says.

Seriesthese glass bead vases have an important story to tell story vases are the brainchild of front a swedish design firm made up of three enterprising women who approach their projects with the, it was formerly owned by the legendary carl johan lamm 1902-1981 a swedish expert in islamic glass and carpets. In sweden outdoor access is a constitutional right an anthropolgie catalogue shoot or a troll's wedding to a fairy with wildflowers in glass vases tree trunk place mats a canopy to catch