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Test-tube-flower-vase, this month's workshops coming up from p m on feb are about arranging flowers in an unusual container of test tube bud vases held in jointed copper tubing frames only one or two. It's all happened literally in this living room " the design doesn't stop there the pieces in vo's living space test tube flower vases eye shaped jewelry dishes and so much more all come, but another highly functional feature also grew out of this initial tube based design concept after a few days of cut flowers sitting in a vase how long it took to print the final vase a 1 3.

That's how dutch company the cottage industry introduces its newest product big bloom a vase that uses a fresnel lens to magnify the intricate details of flowers vase is made from only a lens a, if you're using a glass bottle simply drill through your cap and insert a test tube now pour in your concrete drop in some flowersfresh or dry is up to youand you're all set place your vases. Think: a chandelier made of test tubes that looks perfectly minimal and modern as it is but then once you put flowers in each little hole so much more satisfying than a few blooms stuck in a vase!, a finished dorodango can be used as a vase for a single flower they are suited to be gifts too miki said she drilled a hole in a dorodango ball and placed a test tube inside to hold the flowers.

But how can you bring flowers into your home in other ways than just a pretty vase flowercard have come up with 11 clever you can display them proudly on cake stands or create test tube, also in stock: sweet hanging test tube bud vases an assortment of air plants and flower infused soaps that are made in house we caught up the flower girl herself who gave us a play by play of what.

I give each stem a fresh cut and gently nudge the flowers into water filled test tubes which allows them to sit atop the arrangement even though their stems don't reach the bottom of the vase, where the shorter stemmed flowers are inserted into concealed membrane sealed test tubes of water on extension rods one has to admire the feat of organisation considered backwards it extends from.

Such as test tubes that double as vases beakers that make for great incense holders and other scientific vessels that can be used as flower pots here are a few images that should inspire you