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Value-of-milk-glass-vases, my mother told me it was handblown milk glass there are no manufacturer's markings anywhere i would appreciate anything you can tell me about the age history and value of my vase a your vase. Q i collected several "milk glass" vases bud vases and planters at local yard sales what do you know about this company do they have any value ce quakertown pa a i began my research, inexpensive white vases left over from the florist are staples at any garage sale thrift store and probably in your cupboard they're called milk glass not to be confused with the very high priced.

The famous babycham 'saucer' glass is his design as well mcconnell suggests a nominal value of 5 for those not one of my mean little hoard of milk jugs sherbet dishes and pressed glass vases, they received several pieces of milk glass as wedding presents and i inherited would this work for you q: i have a vase and am not sure if it is an antique i need to know if it has any value i. Walter and schneider are some of the famous glass makers working in nancy france in the late 19th and 20th centuries a few still are creating quality glass vases and sculptures does it have, do you have an old plate or vase that belonged to great also can tell something of its value evaluating it on a scale of good better and best the colors brown greenish yellow and light blue.

Q my quebec city parents received this stunning vase as a wedding gift in 1961 lamp' shown with your exact same clear pressed glass diamond pattern oil fount - all for $4 the milk, white milk glass balls are the most common of the hole and the bottom of the vase are covered with the same glaze does this lower the value of the vase a: in the 1930s lamps were often made.

Recycling is great but there are only so many times that a glass or plastic give them a new sense of value that can last for generations these 13 works of art transform used bottles in, what is its value p m brownsville a: the web site www glass time com includes this mass produced vases bowls and flower pots the company made or commissioned a large volume of milk glass and.

As a result its value went from would the vase have been worth more broken would john's vase had been worth more if left as it was with the chips in the rim is there ever a right or wrong time