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Vase-made-in-japan, your beautiful hand painted porcelain vase is of course original because it has been in the family from the original era in. "it just says it's from japan quito and then the name of the artist kinkazan he is the most famous artist that made this, answer: you have a satsuma pottery tankard rather than a vase a tankard is a tall slender pitcher not to be confused with a round short pitcher satsuma ware was made as early as the 1600s in the. Ktvu an eight foot japanese vase was a gem hidden in plain sight in fact it was one of three vases made for the 1893 chicago world fair it was also on display at the 1894 midwinter fair in, sotheby's said such vases were usually made as one of a kind items the parisian family is known to have shown a keen interest in asian art since 1867 when a japanese satsuma censer - used for.

Valerie panosian shows off a few vases which were possibly made several decades ago photo you see floral motifs a lot, q: what is the value of these two vases for insurance purposes the first one is marked "nippon" and has a raised gold decoration and a scene with boats and is 9 inches tall the other is marked "made.

The japanese porcelain vase however was made by a company that has produced classically styled high quality objects for more than 100 years it has kept its value the metal pieces are also a good, the family has found out the giant vase is one of three rare vases made with the enamel technique known as cloisonne that japanese artists produced for display at the 1893 world's columbian exposition. Wonderfully full yet delicate the cova flower vase $48 by farrah sit conjures what the designer calls a "quiet for the, a: your have a pair of satsuma vases they are too small to be umbrella holders satsuma ware is japanese glazed pottery it was usually cream colored and decorated with raised enamels and often had a