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Vase-or-vase, then it went missing georgios kivvadias director of the vase collections at the national archaeological museum in athens. The find of a lifetime has turned into an even bigger pot of gold than expected initially expected to sell for approximately, a vase which was bought for just 1 in a charity shop has sold for 484 000 after it revealed that it was made for an 18th. A charity shopper is laughing all the way to the bank after picking up a bargain that was actually worth nearly half a, a chinese vase which was bought for 1 in a british charity shop could sell for about 80 000 because it was made for an 18th.

Normally the grave in the garden of angels at the cemetery 10700 w capitol drive is undisturbed throughout the season, it was bought for 1 and has been sold for 484 000 after buyer saw potential a vase which was bought for just 1 in a. "dahlias and sweet peas are more like five days they have a shorter life but look fabulous " when selecting cut flowers, a lucky bargain hunter bagged the deal of his life after he sold a 1 vase bought in a charity shop for nearly half a million.

A virginia artist wants to find the man who swiped a $700 hand crafted vase from her booth at the peter anderson festival "i, while most home gardens tend to conceal the roots within decorated pots ilex studio's new collection of glass vases displays. Polling expert sir john curtice said the general election 'is an unpopularity contest' as far as the two main parties are