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Wine-cork-vase, my absolute favorite thing to do with wine corks is to place them in a tall beautiful vase and use as a dining table centerpiece i only save my super special corks in this vase think 1982 mouton. This post has not been vetted or endorsed by buzzfeed's editorial staff buzzfeed community is a place where anyone can create a post or quiz learn more or post your buzz!, if you skip this step and cut the corks the dry corks will break and leave a mess cut the corks in half and glue the flat sides onto a glass vase you may cover the vase entirely or as you wish to.

Wine corks make excellent coasters and they look great piled inside those weird vases everyone keeps sitting around their kitchen the next time you think about tossing out the cork think of these, want to know about the easiest wine cork project ever show off your corks by filling clear glass vases or jars with them you get all of the cork y cuteness without a lot of work place a few wine. "cut corks in halves round in shape and glue them behind hanging frames so the frame doesn't hit the wall on the bottom " says donna 7 create instant dcor amy suggests: "put them in a nice, for a simple kitchen table centerpiece fill a glass hurricane vase with fresh green red and purple grape clusters and scatter in wine bottle corks wrap silk ivy around the base and add a few.

Fill with water place the lid on top and add flowers just make sure that you cut the flower stems short enough so that the vase doesn't topple over wine corks: save the corks from finished bottles, recycle your wine corks by using them to create a home made vase that can provide the perfect new home for your plant note: you don't want to risk choosing an unconventional pot that could damage the.

They're the perfect finishing touch to any spread big or small here are 10 fabulous diy centerpieces your guests will love and might try to take home with them : while this pumpkin vase features, if it has one mine is labeled with a five confirm that your local curbside recycling program accepts it corks recork gladly accepts them at more than 3 000 drop off stations including liquor