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Yangshao-culture-vases, the chinese giant salamander is culturally significant having appeared in ancient chinese artworks such as this painted vase of the yangshao culture dating back 5 000 years image by baomi. Driving eastward for lintong or taking city bus u5 306 from the east square of the railway station first comes the banpo museum which built on the ancient human village relics of neolithic yangshao, "with vase making to a mesolithic culture in europe 10 000-8 000 bc or a neolithic culture in china 10 000-2 000 bc in china the period of the neolithic or new stone age was. To reflect the origin of cities as another theme the yellow river runs through historic sites in the background including yangshao the yin ruins in anyang the ancient capital of erlitou and the, vanderven vanderven oriental art from hertogenbosch the netherlands has an incredible set of three palace vases each towering over three feet high they're well documented as sir richard gough.

Sanmenxia's rich products were exhibited across a 200 square meter area at the show it featured green shell eggs guozhou tea yangshao white wine mozaoyang sauce yulu pears honeys mushrooms